Life Dress is already a niche; hand-painted pro-life dresswear and accessories. But now, moving into 2020, I'm re-focusing the mechanics of Life Dress and making it even more unique. Pre-loved, thrifted dresses turned hand-painted, pro-life fashion statements.  

After a couple of polls to see what the majority of Life Dress supporters want in terms of the dresses actually included in the design orders, I've narrowed down this new approach to Life Dress.  

It's new to launch but not a new idea- it's actually how I started Life Dress in the first place back in October 2018.  

Pre-Loved to Pro-Life will transform how you are able to shop, purchase, and wear styles that speak on a daily basis. I hand-pick high-quality thrifted dresses, then hand-paint the bold Life Dress messages you have always seen available on the site. They'll be listed on with all the dress specifics like size, color, fabric, and style. This will make Life Dress more accessible, more sustainable, and easier than sending in your own dress!

Why am I doing this?  

Well, three of my favorite things happen to be...  

1. Dedicating my life to a movement that fights for the human rights of preborn human beings and empowers women in unplanned pregnancy.  

2. Expressing my passion for the cause to end abortion through the power of art.  

3. Thrifting and ceasing reliability on fast fashion.  

Pre-Loved to Pro-Life is my way of returning the original vision of Life Dress back to its roots. Life Dress began with the simple act of finding a $4 dress at a local thrift store and pouring hours into transforming something plain into something that could spark conversation about the issue of abortion.  

And part of what I love about turning thrift gems into bold, pro-life activist wear is the fact that every Life Dress is entirely unique.  

Just as every human being to ever grace this earth is unlike any other in all of history, so is every meticulously hand-painted Life Dress. That similarity carries over to the true purpose of wearing a Life Dress- to turn heads and start dialogue that can ultimately change minds. There is a fascinating beauty in being different. Whether it is a Life Dress that catches someone's eye or the news of a new, unique human being created and growing.

How will it work?

Super simple! When new Life Dresses are added to, you'll just browse until you find your size, your ideal style, or a hand-painted design that catches your eye. Place an order and turnaround for shipping is quick!

I am incredibly excited to have finally found the niche within this niche and to move into 2020 more determined than ever to make this dream a reality. I want to make an impact in this movement in a way that has never been done before, and I'm so grateful to have all of you amazing supporters to work alongside with.