This past week I had an awesome time meeting up with my friend and fellow pro-lifer Mitch Lozada in the arts district of Downtown Las Vegas. We sat down for a bit to discuss the music festival happening this weekend called Life is Beautiful. Our conversation spanned quite a few diffrent topics, but the primary focus was asking and dissecting the question:

Does our society today really see life as beautiful? Does this pro-abortion culture even value human life?

Initially we go into why we became pro-life activists or involved in the movement at all, and I touch on my time in high school when I had to take legal action against the Clark County School District for violating my Constiutional rights of freedom of speech. This is an important part of how I evolved in activism because it taught me from the very beginning that my voice will always try to be silenced and that I have to know how to stand my ground against a world that doesn't want to hear the truth about abortion.

I also talk about my experience working with Students for Life of America in Australia in March of this year, where our group was verbally attacked by a radical feminist coalition on the University of Sydney Campus. I pointed out the fact that our opposition consistently tries to shut down dialogue and silence the pro-life movement. And I believe that's a direct reflection of their inability to back up their claims that life doesn't begin when science says it does: conception.

Additionally, I mentioned a positive experience I had with a pro-abortion individual during my time at the March for Life in January. We were surrounded by a bunch of counter-protestors chanting things like "Roe v. Wade is here to stay" and a lot about trusting women to make their own choices. In the video with Mitch, I talk about an experience where I was able to find common ground with someone of opposing view and as a result, we not only became friends, but he also said he changed his mind!

Mitch goes on to add that he's new to the whole pro-life activism world, and shouts-out Rebels for Life, which is our Students for Life chapter at the University of Las Vegas. It's always a great time to become an activist for life, and if you're unsure about where to even begin with making your voice heard, please email me at or shoot me a DM on Instagram @lifedressorg! I would love to connect you with awesome pro-life people in your community.

Wrapping up the video, we touch on a few other topics including Unplanned and how abortion is presented in the media. 

And then I briefly show one of the latest Life Dress design releases! The bold statement?

"When the world doubts, the woman defies."

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Thank you so much for reading this, watching the video, and thank you Mitch for having me on your awesome YouTube channel! Make sure all of you guys are subscribed to his channel, Mitch Lozada, and follow him on Instagram @haymitchmitch!