I began Life Dress because I want to end abortion. As a fellow pro-life activist, I'm sure you can understand that kind of mindset- when there is injustice happening we feel responsible for doing everything we can to put a stop to it. Life Dress wasn't my only means to that end, but it's a place where I could merge all the things I am passionate about into one dedicated project that's both unique and exponential. 

What is Life Dress' greatest potential? That's for the future to know and the rest of us to work to.

When I think about Life Dress I think about community. Purpose. Storytelling. I truly believe in the power of art- in all of its many forms. And art that can be worn is a game-changer, to me, especially when its motiviating factor is to inspire dialogue. It removes any barriers that could exist between the artist, the intention or purpose, and the viewer. Plainly put, wearing a Life Dress makes people stop, tilt their head a bit, and question- why? What? Who? How? And as the activist wearing the Life Dress apparel, it's with great responsibility that you know how to answer their questions.

Because as the beloved Ben once said, "With great power comes great responsbility." 

Life Dress has power. What will you do with it?

The first Life Dress I ever painted was before I started calling them Life Dresses, but the feeling from painting it is the same when I paint them now. It's the feeling of wonder, of possibility- hope. It's pondering the potential conversations that might occur due to someone wearing the piece. With every brush stroke, meticulous attention to detail, and mixing of paint, I contemplate the babies whose lives are being taken away with each passing minute. I marinate in the emotions that come along with trying to put myself in the shoes of women in unplanned pregnancy, the women who chose abortion and regret it, and the young girls who are kicked to the streets, shunned by their parents and peers- all because a new life is growing inside of them.

I want Life Dress to be more than just a fashion line. More than just acrylics on fabric. More than just something you put on and take off. I want Life Dress to be both the shield that protects your heart from the persecution of those who hate you for the truth, and a megaphone for your voice to be heard- without the yelling and without the confrontation. Those who are captivated by the uniqueness of your Life Dress will find their way to you, and the door to a peaceful dialogue can open up.

Is this all heavy idealism at work? Or is it so beyond realistic, but it simply takes courage to take action? I'd like to think it's a bit of both. A healthy dose of idealism mixed in with a sprinkle of reachability, to me, produces the ultimate combo of a pursuit worth running with.

Beyond the seemingly organic means to create dialogue on the issue of abortion with dozens of people by wearing a Life Dress, it's also my goal to make positive change in other ways. One of those ways is through Life Dress Organization Donation. Basically painting and giving away Life Dresses for free to pro-life organizations during big events to auction or give away in raffle drawings. This will directly help PRCs, maternity homes, activism orgs, and other places where the movement for life is alive and well. Funding is important for the work that needs to be done, and I see Life Dress as a way to make more of that funding happen.

So where are we now and where are we going from here?

Currently, Life Dress is run solely by moi, and I am a full-time University student with two other part-time jobs. I do not let these things stop me from keeping my customer service, delivery timeliness, and overall progress of Life Dress up, and ensure nothing falls by the wayside. I want Life Dress to thrive, and thriving takes serious effort and energy.

I'm down for the task.

Where will I go from here? I have plenty of plans, and I want you to be a part of them. Creativity and art are things that the pro-life movement needs more of in order to attract people from more diverse walks of life. Art breeds conversation, diverse expression, and an opportunity for a disconnected world to see something new, different, and bold, and connect with the purpose of Life Dress. 

Wear your Life Dress and Life Dress apparel proudly. You are courage in the face of hatred, inspiration in the face of commonality, and you are a voice for those who cannot yet speak for themselves. 

This is why we fight, we march, we speak, we table, we protest, we petition, we vote, we write, we paint, we design, we create, and why we wear-

styles that speak.

Thank you so much for supporting Life Dress. It means the world to me, and I cannot wait for us to change the world together.