Please consider contributing to this pro-life mission.

Hi there! It's Angelique, founder of Life Dress & senior journalism major at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I’ll be heading to Uganda this May to help build up the pro-life generation alongside fellow advocates from Africa, Europe, and the United States. The camp, hosted by the Africa Life Youth Foundation, will offer trainings in specific subject areas to local students. I will be teaching a workshop on bridging art and activism - using creativity to make cultural change!

I am so excited to be a part of this incredible mission, but in order for me to make it to Uganda to help with these efforts, I need your help!

An estimated breakdown of costs:

Air Travel: $1500 Ground transportation: $200 Accommodation: $300 Meals: $100 Visa Fee: $100 COVID Test in Uganda: $70

TOTAL: $2,270

On top of these expenses, it is important that I raise an additional ~$5,000 to help cover the actual camp materials and resources.

Why this mission is critical:

Abortion is unconstitutional in Uganda, but there are exceptions. With significant external political and financial pressure from western countries and international abortion providers, with issues of rife corruption in local government, with poor enforcement and oversight of laws, and with a profound cultural shame surrounding pregnancies out of wedlock, hundreds of thousands of abortions are committed each year.

An advance team of pro-life advocates were sent in December 2020 to pave the way by teaching 275 students over the span of six days.

While these students are now equipped with the knowledge that abortion is wrong, and have a burning desire to act within their communities, many lack the tools necessary to effect change.

This is where the May 2021 Team comes in. Student leaders in Uganda will now have the opportunity to bring their skills to the next level and learn even more practical ways to apply their knowledge of this movement. This camp will be critical to helping end a culture of abortion in Uganda!

Please consider supporting this mission either through prayer, through financial generosity, or both! Thank you for your contribution and may God bless you! 

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