The goal of Life Dress is to wear a style that speaks- that every dress made will spark a conversation and change a heart.

My name is Angelique Claire Clark, and I'm a 21-year-old, Vegas-born college student, writer, artist, photographer, activist for preborn human rights, and the designer and founder of Life Dress. I work for Students for Life as a graphic designer, I teach canvas painting classes at a local art studio, and I study Journalism & Media Strategy at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

I became a pro-life activist in high school when I had to sue my school to start a pro-life club on campus. The lawsuit and story of my free speech rights being infringed upon became national news, and the close experience I gained with the media is part of why I am now a journalism major and am interested in honest, fact-based storytelling. That fight for justice changed me and made me into the activist that I am today. Ever since then, I've worked as a volunteer with Students for Life of America to share the truth about abortion from Washington D.C., to Alaska, to New York City, to Australia, and to so many places in between. Those adventures took me far away not only in physical distance, but also mentally, spiritually, and in the case of the story of how Life Dress began- creatively.

Life Dress is the accumulation of all the sketches, graphics, visions, brainstorming sessions, notes, drawings, and inspirations that I've gathered, created, and produced in the past six years of my pro-life-activism-lifetime.

You could say Life Dress started in the fall of 2015 when I had to fight my public high school to allow me to start a pro-life club on campus and every day I envisioned new and creative ways to express my views- pro-life shirts, buttons, flyers, but I still felt like I could make something more- do something more.

You could say Life Dress started in the beginning of 2016 when I felt inspired to write a novel about a girl who helps end abortion in her lifetime- and described in this book how she was able to reach a whole nation using the gifts she had been given. I knew, like the fictional character that I had penned, that I wanted to make a bigger difference in some way but wasn't exactly sure how.

You could say Life Dress started in the summer of 2018 when I took a two month long road trip across the U.S. with Rock for Life, sharing the pro-life message at music festivals, and I became ever more inspired to one day have my own booth with pro-life art.

You could say Life Dress started in October 2018 when I painted a Joy-Villa-inspired pro-life dress and wore it to a local PRC gala. When she re-shared my dress online, I became even more determined to take this message to the next level.

You could say Life Dress started in January of 2019 when I had the opportunity with Students for Life to meet the Vice President of the United States at a roundtable about the pro-life movement. He told me to never stop painting for life.

You could say Life Dress started in March 2019 when I painted a dress at three in the morning off of an idea I had about what it means to me to be pro-life, and wore it to the Students for Life of America Gala in Denver.

You could say Life Dress started in April 2019 when I painted two pro-life dresses for the SFLA Gala in New York City- one for myself, and one for the President of SFLA, Kristan Hawkins.

You could say Life Dress started when every individual person who saw one of these dresses felt empowered by the message and wanted to wear one, too. That the power of a Life Dress in sparking conversations and changing minds was already in motion before the organization was even a tangible thought.

But I think that Life Dress has been in my heart for much longer than any of these events or moments or periods of time. I've been searching for a way to express my love of design and my love of the movement for life since I learned what abortion is and vowed to dedicate my soul to helping end it.

So, right now, that is the story of Life Dress. I am so incredibly excited for this story to expand, to blossom, to burst with the individual stories of every person who wears their pro-life dress, skirt, suit, tie, and all the other styles that will become available as this organization develops. I cannot wait to hear the experiences of those who wore their dress and had a conversation about protecting life with someone because of it.

The goal of Life Dress is to create visibility for the pro-life movement, one style at a time.

I hope you will join me in this mission.

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